StackPath MaxCDN Black Friday Discount 2020

You are making a deadly mistake! Well, In this article, we are going to discuss how to make your site blazingly faster loading and StackPath or Maxcdn Black Friday Discount offer.

Have you ever thought about the speed of your website? If you haven’t ever, you keep on driving away your audience, I reckon.

The loading time is as significant as having a website because the attention span of people online is less than 6 seconds (vary from person to person). In case your site fails to load within that time your visitors will not stay.

I am here with a solution to this problem. You are going to read about the metamorphosis of transforming a snail to a cheetah.

StackPath / MaxCDN Black Friday Discount 2020

All you need is a tool or you can say service called MaxCDN. Yeah, as you just read, it’s a Content Delivery Network aka CDN.

The working principles of each of the CDNs are different. CloudFlare takes your entire website and lets you use their DNS. Unlike it, MaxCDN catches all the static items on your server (images, videos, CSS files, etc.) and, host the same on their own data centers. You don’t have to do it manually.

Whenever someone visits your site, the static files will be displayed before him from the nearest MaxCDN data centers. So, they can experience the speed gain.

It is possible to ease the setup process by automating the process through W3 Total Cache plugin

Why Should You Choose StackPath?

If you research a little, you can come across various content delivery networks. Then, why do I recommend MaxCDN? Because it’s the best! Read on further to find out more.

#1. Easy to Setup

You don’t have to rack your brain to set MaxCDN up. Create a pull zone, install W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, configure the settings (you can make use of the MaxCDN documentation here) and there you go!

#2. Free for Two Months

If you choose to go with their annual plan, they will let you enjoy the awesome service free for two months.

#3. Wide Range of Data Centers

MaxCDN has data centers in more than 90 countries in all the continents (leave Antarctica for a while!). So all your visitors will be shown the files from a nearby location and it boosts the speed.

#4. 30 Days Money Back Policy

Even if you don’t go for an annual plan, their 30 days money back policy is going to help you for testing the service. You can request a refund if you don’t like their service (unlikely to happen).

#5. Crash Resistance

You will feel the need to upgrade the hosting plan as it grows up because all the files are on a single server to which the traffic goes. But MaxCDN diversifies the content into different servers that your main one will not feel the heaviness.

How to Steal the MaxCDN Black Friday Discount Deal?

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You will be heading to the official website. Now, choose the plan and make the payment. They offer different packages with various bandwidth; you must choose the right one for you to save money. Don’t forget to configure the settings as well.

They have provided a complete guide about how to setup maxcdn service. By reading their guide, within just 5 minutes you’ll be able to activate the CDN service on your site. It’s super easy to implement.

BOOM! Watch your website becoming a cheetah!

Wrapping Up

If you find any issues related to this StackPath MaxCDN Black friday discount, you can contact me using the comment section down below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity. Either buy or forget your website because loading speed has the most significance.